Review: A Fantastical Fiesta of 1st Grade Fireworks 

Roland Chadwick Bergmann Edition: Both 13 pages Review by Chris Dumigan – AllClassicalGuitar All guitar teachers I am sure have come across the pupil who turns around and doesn’t want to play easy Sor, or any of the 19th Century material that is easy enough for them to actually try. Yes, there are a small […]

The Study of pi – Review by Chris Dumingan

Roland Chadwick : The Study of Pi Roland Chadwick Bergmann Edition: 9 pages When Roland came to Manchester to play for the MGC back in May 1999, he provided us with a concert of entirely his own material, and it was a fascinating evening, so I was extremely interested to see this latest publication […]

The Paganini Project

The Paganini Project was a series of 3 concert programs I created to be presented in the concert halls of Australia in 1990 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Paganini’s death. I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with that notion – celebrating his death – perhaps we were celebrating the end of his life – […]

Jan Depreter – King of the Mountain

I first met maestro Jan Depreter in March 2017 in Belgium. He’d travelled quite a few hours (Jan travels a lot) to support his student Cedric Honings at the world premiere of my own composition, Tiny Wooden Gods which I’m happy to report was well received by the good people of Belgium. As an encore, […]

What IS Music?

Preface What follows began as a demonstration for my students of what I think music is. Later it became a video kindly produced by Michael van Koetsveld. Some excerpts of that video are retained here for demonstration purposes without which, these ideas make no sense. I had improvised straight to camera to make that video […]

Song and Dance No. 2

In 1988/89 I spent some happy weeks and months in Italy and Mexico performing and immersing myself in Latin culture. The food, wine, people, music, dancing, singing, women. Everything was so foreign and exotic to this younger me from Sydney Australia and it turned into a love affair that lingers to this day. The fundamental […]


I’ve spent a good deal of my life worrying And I’ve noticed that most of the things I worried about didn’t happen, and that the things that did happen, I hadn’t worried about. And so, I have a question. Should I worry more, or should I worry less?

Hysterical Penguins

In the 1980’s I wrote one of my very few pieces that does not include a guitar. Hysterical Penguins is a work in the form of my Song and Dances, that is to say, a slower movement followed in this case, by some outlandishly rapido hysterics. Hysterical Penguins was premiered at the Sydney Opera House […]