Roland Chadwick

Classical Guitarist / Composer

Roland Chadwick

Classical Guitar / Composer

“Such energy! That room will never be the same. You changed the vibrational shape of the room!”

Carlos Bonell

“To the music of contemporary greats such as Brouwer, Domeniconi, and Dyens; I will now add Roland Chadwick. His music is nothing short of genius.”

Minor 7th Magazine

Latest recordings

The Beast of Many Colours by Roland Chadwick

The Omnibus by Roland Chadwick & The Modern Guitar Trio

The Omnibus by Roland Chadwick & The Modern GuitAr Trio

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”  Lao Tzu

Original compositions for guitar

Roland Chadwick’s compositions are published exclusively by Bergmann Edition, Denmark  and are available as either Print On Demand Books or downloadable PDF’s.