Steel String Acoustic Guitar & Solo Mandolin – Catalogue

Here is the complete catalogue of Roland Chadwick’s compositions for Solo Steel String Acoustic Guitar.







Dates are approximate as the works have undergone revision over time.

Solo Steel String Acoustic Guitar Solos:

Blueish Grass – early 1990s – Sydney

Commuter Cowboys – early 1990s – Sydney

Hoedy Hoe Down – early 1990s – Sydney

Song and Dance No. 7 (Serendipity & Toarmina) – early 1990s – Sydney

The Cat’s Whiskers (The Cat’s Whiskers, Betty Keft, Little Rosie, Jenny’s Sunday, Jiggery Pokery) – written between early 1990s and mid 2000s – Sydney and Ealing.

The Sadness of Witches – Solo Mandolin – (Tituba’s Dance, Prayer of an Innocent, Giles Corey’s Stomp, The Sadness of Witches, Salem Dervish) – written between late 1990s and late 2000s – Sydney and Churt