Roland Chadwick – Half Man/Half Guitar

Some say he’s the Guitar Slinger.

Some say he’s the Wizard of Oz.

Others say they saw him in the Cotswolds selling his soul to a Blind Man with a Red Hat holding a Magic Plectrum made of Solid Sound.

The mystery deepens and the truth may never be told but those in the know that a Roland Chadwick Show will move you, inspire you, make you wanna dance all night long and it will amaze you.

Roland Chadwick is Half Man/Half Guitar.

Since arriving in the UK in 1998, Roland Chadwick has been hailed as a guitarist’s guitarist by the likes of John Renbourn and Tommy Emmanuel.

His recordings with Steve Vai, Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull) and the English Chamber Orchestra are regarded as classics of their type.

Other credits include: Mike Lindup – Level 42, Sir George Martin, Andy Sheppard, Alan Glen – The Yardbirds.


Critics have been unanimous in their praise of his virtuosity, versatility and originality.

“A Damn Fine Guitarist!” – The Guardian

“Just as in the Northern Blues records, you can hear that raw blues feel come through in every song. You occasionally have to hold your breath, that’s how exciting he manages to make it sound” – Rootstime Review

“Roland Chadwick’s version of Robert Johnson’s Walking Blues goes straight to the top of my personal RJ covers list – that takes some doing. It is damn near perfect and I wish I could do that! – The Mole

” I can t help but think that if Mr. Plant had recorded this it would be HUGE” – BluesMatters

“Brilliant!” – John Rebourn


Roland Chadwick – Hlaf Man/Half Guitar Playlist