Roland Chadwick – Mexico – 1989


In 1989 Roland toured Mexico as Australia’s representative at the Festival Cervantino. One of the last concerts was filmed and the tape has only just been converted from Mexican Beta to Digital.





Roland had toured Italy, Sweden, England and the USA prior to this recording being made.  Some of the camera work is highly artistic, even surreal but the performances give an insight into the levels he had achieved at that time.

Joaquin Turina – Sonata Opus 61.

Dances for Winter Oakwood by Roland Chadwick.

I. Processional (On Mill Pond Road)

II. Round Renny Oakwood

III. Solstice Carol

IV. Horn Dance

V. Dusk (On Mill Pond Road)

This suite was written in Paddington, Sydney in the early 80’s.

The Movement titles are also noted on the video.

Dances for Winter Oakwood is dedicated to Roland’s father, Frank Chadwick.