Native Tongue – Rootstime Review

“you occasionally have to hold your breath, that is how exciting he manages to make it sound”

Roland Chadwick plays classical, acoustic and electric guitar, dobro and mandolin. From 1979 he worked as a guitarist/composer in Sydney, Australia. In 1997 he moved to LA and in the same year he ultimately decided to settle in West London. Roland Chadwick makes music that finds its roots in blues. These roots are clearly revisited on his new cd Native Tongue . Chadwick went solo for this record, and it gives ample opportunity for his guitar playing to shine. What makes this cd issued on the HomeFront Records label a truly overwhelmingly good record, is the effort of Barriemore Barlow (JT, JP, RP). All songs were composed by Chadwick, expect for Tango, and Do You Remember which he co-wrote with Barriemore Barlow. On Native Tongue the playing is both introvert and yet edgy, in such a way you occasionally have to hold your breath, that is how exciting he manages to make it sound. And at the same time it all sounds incredibly laid back. Chadwick is a phenomenally good guitarist, but he is also a dab hand at playing the dobro or mandolin. It mainly has become a solo records, but that is not the way the record sounds, through the contributions of Barriemore Barlow, which come at just the right time. But also Andy Lafone on bass, Matt Empson on keyboards and Graham Pike bring out the best in these songs. The arrangements are exciting and sophisticated/refined throughout, and just as in the Northern Blues records, you can hear that raw blues feel come through in every song. And what really makes this record great, is his ability to make a repertoire full of particular variety sound coherent. An absolute top record! – Rootstime Review