Native Tongue – BluesMatters Review

“if Mr. Plant had recorded this it would be HUGE”

The band here includes former Jethro Tull drummer Barriemore Barlow. The only cover is Robert Johnson s Walkin Blues.

Their first thing to strike is the similarity of voice to a certain Robert Plant and on the opening track that carries into the familiar musical theme of Baby Don t Bring The Law (down on me).

Tango has even more Plant tones to it. Tango is a stop start sort of song/tune with a lot of charm to it and some really cool acoustic slide guitar work, again a lot owed to Zep here.

Jenny s Sunday is an instrumental and carries lots of twanging twiddley guitars and is simply a nice track. Loved Hey Little Sister with the insistent slide guitar and harmonics.

Ride Till I Die again features catchy slide work and patchwork acoustic backing that will get feet tapping. Roland uses his voice similarly to Mr. P and ranges his tones and pitching with those stretched out tones that are so familiar and it becomes, like Mr. P s, another instrument not just a vocal on an album.

Walkin Blues becomes dreamy instead of menacing. The closing I Feel Low (again) is a re-working on track 5 with overlaid talking vocals and effects. After enjoying this I can t help but think that if Mr. Plant had recorded this it would be HUGE, let’ s see what happens here shall we… –Dillinger – BluesMatters