Modern Guitar Trio – Discography


The Modern Guitar Trio was formed in 2000 when Roland Chadwick met Guitarist Roland Gallery who in turn introduced him to the guitarist/composer Vincent Lindsay Clark. Shortly after they recorded Roland Chadwick’s Letter from LA for Guitar trio for Roland’s CD; The Revealing. This Suite has since been performed extensively by the Modern Guitar Trio and other trios around the world have played this work all through Europe, the Americas and Australia.



Featured Track: Santa Monica from Letter From LA by Roland Chadwick

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The Modern Guitar Trio’s self titled début album was enthusiastically received and featured Roland Chadwick’s The Wendy House which was latter used by the San Francisco Ballet as a performance piece in 2011. Videos of that Ballet are on the videos page.


Featured Track: Flutterbyes – Metamorphosis from The Wendy House by Roland Chadwick

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Extract from Classical Guitar Magazine Review:Pride of place must go to Roland Chadwick’s emotive composition The Wendy House …  a piece I have returned to time and again for further listenings. This five-movement composition contains some of the most beautifully evocative writing for guitar ensemble this reviewer has heard in many a day. I defy anyone not to be moved by the sheer poetry of this writing. In between the three slower movements are two contrasting ones consisting of a zany waltz and a highly charged, rhythmic piece, but it is in the slower passages where the composer shows his very real talent for composing extraordinarily attractive music. There is no overstatement, no pomposity or grand empty gestures; it is simply music for music’s sake. The Wendy House is a hugely enjoyable and extremely well written work for guitar trio and deserves to become a standard in the repertoire.