Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons in Tongham, near Farnham, Surrey on the boarder of Hampshire.

My life has been devoted to playing the guitar in all its various shapes and styles and I love teaching people how to play the Guitar.

In my 34 years as a Guitar Teacher I’ve taught people from 6 to 86 and it can be a slow process at first but soon we see the teaching and your hours of practice kick in and hey presto! A Guitarist is Born.

The Trick to Teaching Guitar:

1. Always have in mind the student’s ultimate goal.

2. Never ask them to bite off more than they can chew. (In every lesson they must achieve a ’win’)

3. Forever be patient and inspiring.

The Trick to Learning Guitar:

1. Practice

2. Go down to the Crossroads and sell your soul to the devil. Failing that, see No. 1.



The Styles I Teach:

1. Classical Guitar (That’s the one I’ve practiced every day for the last 44 years)

2. Blues/Slide/Country/ Country Picking/Folk/Rock (These are the styles I perform every week at my gigs)

3. Latin (this is the style I use in my duo with Nick Linnik – String Theory)

4. Improvisation in all of the above styles.

so everything really except Flamenco or Swing Jazz.

A Little About Me:

I have a Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance from the ABRSM

Guitar Teacher with over 34 years experience teaching in schools and privately.

Past Results:

In GCSE and A Level Performance Exams my students have passed with 100% success rate and indeed many of them have attained 100% performance mark.

In Trinity and ABRSM Exams my students have achieved a 100% pass rate with many High Merits and Distinctions.

My students have gone onto Music Degree Courses in Universities such as Sydney Uni, Brighton Uni, Goldsmiths.

Many of my students lead successful careers as Guitarists.

Other Skills:

Expert in Sibelius 6 Music Program.

Expert in Pro-Tools Recording Program.

Extensive Theoretical knowledge and knowledge of Composition and Song Writing.


£35 per hour. If you can already play you probably need an hour so that we can really get into it.

£20 per half hour. If you’re aged between 6 and 12 this will be as much as you need.


Please feel free to call for a chat about your individual needs on 07980 822517

Or email me at