Roland Chadwick/Nick Linnik – “String Theory”

Sold Out performances and Standing Ovations are establishing the powerhouse partnership of Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnick – String Theory as THE live act to see.

Their Debut Album – String Theory has received over-the-top praise from critics and audiences.

Guitarists Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnik met when Nick was 15 as teacher and student.

The teacher/student distinction very quickly became blurred when Roland realized that all this prodigy needed was stage experience and so Nick began “guesting” in duos with Roland at the end of Roland’s solo shows. Those guest spots very quickly turned into the whole second half and that in turn became the new album of tracks released here at called String Theory.

The long awaited Studio Recording from the Virtuoso Guitar Duo Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnik – “String Theory” is now available  as MP3s on all the usual On-Line Download Shops.

Tracks include new arrangements of Autumn LeavesMy Favourite Things, Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone and a reworking of the track that inspired acoustic shred; Mediterranean Sundance.  New compositions from Roland Chadwick include FutatsuMorning Song (recorded by Mike Lindup – Level 42) and Zoup Di G.

Excerpts from Minor 7th Magazine Review

“Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnik’s sonorous collaboration “String Theory” is nothing short of a triumph in acoustic guitar music.

Australian born Chadwick is an internationally renowned recording artist, composer, and performer. He has performed with such diverse artists as Jethro Tull, Sir George Martin, Steve Vai, and Michel Legrand.

Still in his teens, Linnik is a prodigious talent from Russia, who at the time of recording studied at the Centre for Young Musicians in London. Together the two generate intense, virtuosic, performances which beckon for repeated listens.

Chadwick has an amazing command of his instrument and his articulate improvisations are nothing short of mesmerizing.

Linnik is also a formidable musician, matching his mentor’s virtuosity throughout the recording.

“String Theory” is an exceptional offering by two instrumentalists who are performing at the absolute apex of virtuosity and musicality.

This should be required listening for all fans of contemporary acoustic music.”

© James Scott – Minor 7th Magazine

Autumn Leaves




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My Favourite Things





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Roland Chadwick and Nik Linnik – Mediterranean Sundance – The Haiti Gig – 2010

“String Theory” – Minor 7th Magazine

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“String Theory” – Minor 7th Magazine

Roland Chadwick & Nick Linnik, “String Theory,” 2013.

Roland Chadwick and Nick Linnik’s sonorous collaboration “String Theory” is nothing short of a triumph in acoustic guitar music.

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