Guitar and Orchestra – Catalogue

Here is the complete catalogue of Roland Chadwick’s compositions for Guitar and Orchestra.






Dates are approximate as the works have undergone revision over time.

Guitar and Orchestra:

American Frontier Stories – Steel String Guitar and String Quartet – mid 1990s to 2007 – Sydney & Fir Tree Cottage – Churt

Concerto Canarias – Guitar Concerto No 1 in D Major – mid 1990s to 2009 – Sydney & Fir Tree Cottage – Churt

Concerto Brasileiras – Guitar Concerto No.2 in D Major –  mid 1980s – Sydney and Tongham

Mandolin Concerto (Diana of the Uplands) – mid 1990s – Sydney

Carabella Suite (Toarmina, Blue Beguine, Commuter Cowboys) – 2001 – Los Angeles, Ealing