Tiny Wooden Gods by Roland Chadwick – recorded by Cedric Honings


‘Tiny Wooden Gods’ for solo Classical Guitar was written by Roland Chadwick between November 2013 and the Summer of 2014. It was recorded by the Belgian virtuoso Cedric Honings in the Summer of 2016. The CD, Tiny Wooden Gods is now available through Amazon.








Tiny Wooden Gods for Classical Guitar by Roland Chadwick.

Performed by Cedric Honings.

The CD, Cedric Honings – Tiny Wooden Gods is now available through Amazon.

Roland Chadwick says of this work; “I began ‘Tiny Wooden Gods’ in November 2013 with nothing more than a title, a few of sheets of manuscript with ideas and the question: ‘What would a piece with the title Tiny Wooden Gods sound like?’

At that point I wasn’t certain what the title referred to. I searched online for references to Tiny Wooden Gods but I found nothing in poetry or literature. So armed with only a title and a question I began what is now the 3rd Movement – This Worshipful Company. This title emerged from the sombre and almost religious mood of the works main melody. This mood seemed to link with the main title but I didn’t feel I wanted to write a religious work because I don’t have those inclinations. I began the 5th movement – The Dancing Observer of All Things with no more enlightenment than I had started with. I knew it was a dance but nothing more. I then finished the 6th movement – Send This Message of Love to Earth. The time now felt right to begin the first movement. I’d had the opening effect for this piece up my sleeve for some time and when I wrote it down I knew what this piece had to be called: From Dust and what the title of the last piece had to be: To Dust and with these bookends in place I began to see what Tiny Wooden Gods was about.

I: From Dust and VIII: To Dust describe the beginning and end of all creation. Everything that happens in between is a meditation on our interaction with all creation.

II: Processional III: This Worshipful Company IV: Recessional is our contemplation of creation as mystery and our spiritual solutions to those mysteries.

V: The Dancing Observer of All Things is you and me dancing with the chaos of life.

VI: Send This Message of Love to Earth is a passionate plea for peace.

VII: The Drums of Argú are the drums of war and human destruction.

The Tiny Wooden Gods are the implements and symbols we use to cope with existence.

For me Tiny Wooden Gods is a contemplation of all existence through time and our relationship and interaction with it. It’s about our past, present and future and the possibilities however short lived, those three time frames might contain.”

The score for Tiny Wooden Gods will be available soon through Bergmann Editions. Keep an eye on The Publications – Bergmann Editions page for more information.